Born:  Sir William Hustler was the third son of William Hustler of Acklam and Grace Savile whose family came from near Wakefield. His older brothers both died young. William was born in London in 1655. Although his father was a considerable landowner, he regarded himself as a merchant.

Educated: William’s grandfatherfounded and generously endowed a school in Bridlington, and William himself was an active member of the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge and a supporter of charity schools. It seems likely therefore that he was well educated himself.

Married:  In 1680 William Hustler married Anne Wentworth, a young widow who had been born into the Osbaldeston family of Hunmanby.

Family:  William and Anne had thirteen children, but most of them died young. Their sons were William, James, John, Robert, Richard, George and Matthew. Their daughters were Anne, Evereld, Frances, Elizabeth, Catherine and Ellen. Only James, Robert, Anne and Evereld lived into adult life.

Home:  At about the time of his marriage, Sir William began to build Acklam Hall. It was completed in 1683 and remained his home for the rest of his life.

Known for:  William Hustler was knighted by King Charles II in 1678. The home that he built for himself and his family was to become the only grade one listed building in the borough of Middlesbrough. Sir William served as a Member of Parliament from 1695 to 1710. He was an active local magistrate for over 40 years, attending more than 60 Quarter Sessions.

Died: Sir William died in 1730. His widow, Lady Anne, outlived him by 16 years. They were both buried at Acklam.

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