Born: Thomas Brown was born in 1705 in Kirkleatham. His father was a blacksmith.


Educated: According to Young, the historian of Whitby, he was “bred a shoe-maker”, implying an apprenticeship in that trade. His education must have been limited because when he was offered a commission in the army he was unable to take it up because he had never learnt to read and write.


Married: There is no known record of Tom Brown being married.




Home: For the last three years of his life, Tom Brown lived in Yarm, where he kept an inn.


Known for: At the Battle of Dettingen on 27th June 1743, Tom Brown distinguished himself by rescuing the standard of the 3rd King’s Own Dragoons, known as Bland’s Regiment. In the course of this he received several disfiguring wounds. According to William Hutton, writing in 1810 after a visit to Brown’s nephew, “this daring adventure rang through the whole kingdom.” King George II was present at the battle and was so taken with Brown’s bravery that he awarded him an annual pension.


Died: Thomas Brown died in January 1746 in Yarm, aged 40.


Further Information: “A History of Yarm” John W.Wardell (1957)   “A History of Whitby and Streoneshalh Abbey” vol 2 George Young (1817)