Born: Thomas Sheraton was born in 1751 in Stockton. He was the son of Thomas Sheraton, a Stockton schoolmaster.


Educated: It has been suggested that he was taught by his father and that he learnt the craft of cabinet making in the town.


Married: Thomas Sheraton married Margaret Mitchinson in 1779.


Family: Thomas and Margaret had two children.


Home: In about 1790 Thomas Sheraton moved to London. From 1799 to 1802 he was living in Stockton as a Baptist minister. He returned to London and spent the rest of his life there.


Known for: During his lifetime Thomas Sheraton acquired a nationwide reputation as a designer of furniture. His reputation has lasted up to the present day. In 1791 Thomas Sheraton began publishing “The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing Book” by subscription in fortnightly instalments. He produced 42 in total and had more than 700 subscribers. Other furniture makers studied his designs, making him one of the most influential furniture designers of his age.


Died: Thomas Sheraton died at his home in Broad Street, London, on 22nd October 1806.


Further Information:  “Thomas Sheraton 1751-1806” Tom Sowler in “Cleveland History vol. 33 (1977):  Dictionary of National Biography