Born: Nicholas Love was born during the 14th century, but the year and place of his birth are not known.


Educated: He was an educated man, and since he chose the religious life, it may be reasonably inferred that he was educated by one of the religious orders.


Married: Nicholas Love chose to live a celibate life in accordance with his vows.


Family: Having taken a vow of chastity he had no family.


Home: From around 1409, the Carthusian priory of Mount Grace, near Osmotherley was his home.


Known for: In around 1409 Nicholas Love was appointed the fourth rector of the Charterhouse of Mount Grace in the North Riding of Yorkshire. In 1410 he was appointed the first Prior of Mount Grace and remained in office for around 10 years. He is known as the translator of the “Speculum Vitae Christi” (“The Mirror of the Life of Christ”) His translation included additions of his own that argued against some of the ideas of the reformer John Wycliffe. The book was one of the most popular devotional works in England for more than a hundred years.


Died: Nicholas Love died in 1423 or 1424.


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