Born:  Laurence Dundas was born on 10th April 1766 in London. His parents were Thomas Dundas, 2nd Baronet, 1st Baron Dundas and Charlotte Fitzwilliam, daughter of Earl Fitzwilliam. Laurence was one of 14 children. 

Educated: He was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Married: On 21st April 1794 Laurence Dundas married Harriot, daughter of General John Hale of Tocketts near Guisborough.

Family: Laurence and Harriot had seven children, Thomas, Laurence, Harriot, William, John, Margaret and Charlotte.

Home: In the early years of the 19th century, Laurence and Harriot Dundas were living at Marske Hall, Marske-by-the-Sea.

Known for: Laurence Dundas was colonel of the North Riding Militia. He was M.P. for Richmond 1790-1802 and again 1808-11. He was M.P. for York 1802-07 and 1811-20. As a Member of Parliament he showed himself to be in favour of reform, for example in his support for the abolition of slavery. By 1820 he was in favour of parliamentary reform as well, even though in that year he succeeded to the title of Baron Dundas. At the accession of Queen Victoria he was created the first Earl of Zetland, a title that he took from the family’s estate in the Shetland Islands. In 1807 he contributed to the building of the Zetland School in Redcar.

Died: Laurence Dundas died on 19th February 1839 at Aske Hall near Richmond.

Further Information: “The History of Parliament: The House of Commons 1820-1832” ed. David R.Fisher (2009)