Born: John de Faucomberge was born in 1290, probably in Skelton Castle. He was the third son of Walter de Faucomberge, lord of Skelton and Isabel de Ros, daughter of Sir William de Ros.

Educated: It is likely that he would have had the upbringing characteristic of the sons of the knightly class.

Married:  John married Eva de Bulmer, daughter of Sir de Ralph de Bulmer of Wilton.

Family: John and Eva’s eldest son and heir was Walter, who succeeded to the lordship of Skelton after his father.

Home: John de Faucomberge’s main residence was Skelton Castle, but a military career spanning three decades often took him far from home.

Known for: For much of his adult life, John de Faucomberge pursued the career of a professional soldier, loyal to Edward II and Edward III. He fought against the Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn (1314) and the Battle of Halidon Hill (1333). In 1341 he was appointed the king’s escheator in Yorkshire and Sheriff of York. However, he was dismissed for corruption. He is thought to have gone to fight in the Holy Land in 1343 but was soon back in England. In 1346 Sir John fought at the Battle of Crecy in France, and was at the siege of Calais in the following year.

Died: Sir John de Faucomberge died in 1349. This was the year of the Black Death, although the cause of Sir John’s demise is not recorded.

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