Born: George Cuthbert Mura M’Gonigle was born on 19th February 1889 in Monkwearmouth. His parents were William Alexander M’Gonigle, originally from Ireland, and Sarah Stobbs


Educated: George M’Gonigle studied at Newcastle School of Medicine and Durham University.


Married: On 15th July 1916 George M’Gonigle married Dorothy Campbell, daughter of Captain Charles Campbell.


Family: The couple had no children.


Home: They lived on the High Street in Norton.


Known for: In the First World War, he served as a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps in France and Italy, where he met his wife, who was a nurse with the Volunteer Aid Detachment. In1924 he was appointed Medical Officer of Health for the borough of Stockton-on-Tees. He identified poverty as an important factor in the health of babies and children, for poor parents couldn’t afford to feed their children a proper diet. He published “Poverty and Public Health” in 1936, stressing the link between poor diet and rickets. He did all he could to help the families of Stockton which earned him the nickname “The Housewives’ Champion”.


Died. Dr. M’Gonigle died at home on 30th July 1939 and was buried in Norton churchyard.


Further Information: “The Housewives’ Champion: Dr. G.C.M.M’Gonigle” Susan McLaurin (1997): Dictionary of National Biography.