Born: Cuthbert Sharp was born in 1781 in Hartlepool. He was the son of Cuthbert Sharp and Susannah Crosby of Stockton, the sister of Brass Crosby. His father was a Hartlepool ship-owner.

Educated: Cuthbert Sharp attended Dr. Burney’s school in Greenwich, London and Edinburgh University.

Married: In October 1811 he eloped to Scotland with Elizabeth Croudace of Bishopwearmouth and they were married in Coldstream on 15th October 1811.

Family: Cuthbert and Elizabeth had one daughter, Louise Sharp.

Home: Until 1823 he lived in Hartlepool, not far from St. Hilda’s church. From 1823-1845 he lived in Sunderland where he was Collector of Customs. He became Collector of Customs in Newcastle in 1845 and lived there until his death.

Known for: Cuthbert Sharp was mayor of Hartlepool in 1813, 1816 and 1824. He was knighted in 1814. He was friendly with Robert Surtees, the historian of County Durham and the novelist Sir Walter Scott. He is best known for his books, especially his “History of Hartlepool” (1816) and “The Bishoprick Garland” (1834), which was a collection of songs and traditional rhymes from County Durham. He also wrote “Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569” (1840). Durham Cathedral Library has his collection of notes and manuscripts.

Died: Sir Cuthbert Sharp died on 17th August 1849 at his home in Northumberland Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Further Information: Dictionary of National Biography