Born: Chick Henderson was born Henderson Rowntree on 22nd November 1912 in Hartlepool. His parents were Richard and Hannah Rowntree.


Educated: He was educated at Galleys Field School, Hartlepool.


Married: On 4th June 1940 he married Pamela Stevenson from London.


Family: Henderson and Pamela Rowntree had one daughter.


Home: During his singing career Chick Henderson lived in Ealing, London


Known for: Chick Henderson was a popular singer at a time when dance bands were all the rage. His first record was made with the Harry Leader Band in 1935. From 1936 to 1942 he was a singer with the Joe Loss orchestra and was often heard singing with them on the radio. In 1939 he recorded the Cole Porter song “Begin the Beguine” which sold more than one million copies. He is said to be the only pre-war crooner to have achieved this. Chick Henderson recorded more than 270 songs during his short career.


Died: On 25th June 1944, while serving as a member of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Chick Henderson was killed in an enemy air raid.


Further Information: “The Chick Henderson Story and Complete Discography” Frank Wappat (1990)