Born: Brian Walton was born in Seamer near Hilton in 1600.

Educated:  He entered Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1616 as a sizar. He moved to Peterhouse, Cambridge where he earned a B.A. and in 1623 an M.A. He became a Doctor of Divinity in 1645.

Married:  Between 1623 and 1625 he married Anne Claxton. She died in 1640. In 1657 Brian Walton married Jane Fuller, daughter of William Fuller of London.

Family:  Brian Walton had one son, named Bryan.

Home:  In 1623 he went to live in Suffolk but within two years he had moved to London.

Known for:  Brian Walton was ordained in 1623. Before long he was rector of the church of St. Martin Orgar in Cannon Street, London. He is best known for the six volume Polyglot Bible published between 1654 and 1657 which was compiled under his direction with the assistance of eminent scholars from both Oxford and Cambridge. A committee was set up to receive subscriptions toward the work and £8,000 was raised. The finished Bible was written in nine languages. It was highly regarded in theological circles in Europe for the next 150 years. In 1660 Walton was made Bishop of Chester but only visited his diocese once before his death.

Died:  Brian Walton died at his house in Aldersgate Street in London in 1661.

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