Born: Brian Clough was born in Valley Road, Middlesbrough on 21st March 1935. He was the sixth of nine children of Joseph Clough and Sarah Hunter. His father worked in a sweet factory.

Educated: He attended Marton Grove Secondary Modern School in Middlesbrough.

Married: On 4th April 1959 Brian Clough married Barbara Glasgow.

Family: Brian and Barbara Clough had two sons, Simon and Nigel, and one daughter, Elizabeth.

Home: As a professional football player and manager, Brian Clough moved from club to club during his career.

Known for: Brian Clough became a professional footballer and in his first full season with Middlesbrough (1956-57) he scored 43 goals. In 1961 he was transferred to Sunderland but in 1962 he suffered a serious knee injury, which eventually brought his career to an end in 1964. In the 274 league games that he took part in during his playing career he scored 251 goals. As manager of Derby County, he took the team to win the first division championship in the 1971-72 season. He was manager of Nottingham Forest for 18 years and took them to the first division championship. In 1979 he became the first English manager to pay more than a million pounds for a player. In the same year, he led Nottingham Forest to win the European Cup. Brian Clough was also only the second manager to win the first division championship with two different clubs.

Died: Brian Clough died in hospital in Derby on 20th September 2004.

Further Information:

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