Since 1968 the Society has produced over 100 Cleveland History bulletins.

These contain articles on a wide variety of topics, all written by Society Members following original research.

The following is a list of the articles contained in the first 100 bulletins.

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BULLETIN  No. 1          June 1968

Some Court Rolls of Lord Darcy & Meynell  1406-11                     B.J.D.Harrison

Sources of Middlesbrough’s History                                                 N.Moorsom

The Linen Industry of North Yorkshire  Part 1                                  D.W.Pattenden

BULLETIN No. 2 October 1968

North Riding Quarter Sessions Records:  1.  Presentments           H.Wint

Extracts from Court Rolls of Lord Darcy and Meynell – ctd            B.J.D.Harrison

A Town Grows Up:  Stockton 1568-1668                                         T.F.Sowler

BULLETIN  No. 3          December 1968

Some Legal Aspects of Ironstone Mining in Cleveland                   J.S.Owen

North Riding Quarter Sessions Records:  2.  Highways                 H.Wint

Duties of Constables in Yorkshire in 1788                                       E.W.Pargeter

Ridge and Furrow in the Guisborough Area                                    A.W.Armstrong

BULLETIN  No. 4          April 1969

The Farndale Ironstone Mine                                                             B.J.D.Harrison

The Teesside & Cleveland Industrial Labour Force in 1861            Mbro Tutorial Group

North Riding Quarter Sessions Records: 3. Sacrament Certificates  H.Wint

BULLETIN  No. 5          June 1969

Food, Drink, and the Criminal Classes in the 17th Century            A.Hill

Some Evidence of Tudor Enclosure & Depopulation in Cleveland & South Durham   B.J.D.Harrison

The Tees as a Trade Route                                                               M.Z.Lowndes

Further Remarks on the Farndale Ironstone Mines                        J.S.Owen

North Riding Quarter Sessions Records: 4. Highway Diversions  H.Wint

BULLETIN  No. 6          September  1969

Quakers in Cleveland                                                                         D.S.Hall

Glass Workers in Rosedale                                                               J.Hurst

Stockton – and Some Other Teesside Place-names                       W.Pearson

North Riding Quarter Sessions Records: 5. Highway Diversions  H.Wint

The Moor Coal of North Yorkshire:  The Danby Area                     J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 7          December  1969

Pre-Enclosure Norton-on-Tees                                                         D.W.Pattenden

The Rise of Industry in Stockton                                                       T.F.Sowler

The Origins of the Cleveland Ironstone Miners From the 1861 Census Returns   L.J.Lamballe

The Danby Coal Mines:  Business and Social History                    B.J.D.Harrison

BULLETIN  No. 8          March         1970

The Moor Coal of North Yorkshire:  The Thirsk Area                      J.S.Owen

The Horse Wheel in North Yorkshire                                                A. & J.K. Harrison

A Note on the Hilton Estate                                                                R.Vickers

BULLETIN  No. 9          June 1970

Special Studies in the History Curriculum of Colleges of Education  M.Mauchline

Turnpike Roads in the Masham Area                                               E.Hart

Yarm and the Butter Trade                                                                 D.Pearce

The Linen Industry of North Yorks &South Durham                        D.W.Pattenden

BULLETIN  No. 10       September 1970

The 1377 Poll Tax Returns for the North Riding                              B.J.D.Harrison

The Moor Coal of North Yorkshire:  The Farndale and Bransdale Area  J.S.Owen

Cleveland and Teesside History Among the North Riding Quarter Sessions

Records 6.  Recognisances                                                              H.Wint

BULLETIN  No. 11       December  1970

The Port of Coatham  1789 to 1808                                                  D.W.Pattenden

A Census of Households in County Durham, 1563                        B.J.D.Harrison

Mining Failure in Cleveland  No. 1: The Eston Gypsum Mine            J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 12       Spring        1971

Elizabethan Court Rolls for Stokesley, Kirkby in Cleveland,

Ingleby cum Battersby and Easby                                           A.Hill

A Comment on Population Studies, with Particular Ref. to N. W. Yorkshire,

1377-1563                                                                                           R.T.Fieldhouse

Cleveland and Teesside History Among the North Riding Quarter Sessions

Records  No. 7.  Removal Orders                                                     H.Wint

Mining Failure in Cleveland  No. 2:  The Coatham Coal Mine            J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 13       Summer  1971

Danes in North Yorkshire: History and Place-names                     W.Pearson

The Early Years of the Cleveland Miners’ Association                   R.N.Porritt

Cleveland and Teesside History Among the North Riding Quarter Sessions

Records  No. 8:  Petitions                                                                   H.Wint

The Strange Affair of the Stockton Extension & Improvement Act, 1889  T.F.Sowler

The Meynell Family at Yarm                                                              D.A. & L.T.Heppell

BULLETIN  No.14        Autumn  1971

The Lost Borough of Skelton in Cleveland                                       B.J.D.Harrison

The Hearth Tax & Social Structure in the Borough of Richmond in 1673


Mining Failure in Cleveland  No.3:  The Kildale Mines                    J.S.Owen

“Hardcastle’s”                                                                                      D.Thomas

BULLETIN  No. 15       Winter  1971-2

More Vikings in England:  History and Place-names                      W.Pearson

The Thirsk Electorate & the Yorkshire County Elections  1741-1835

M.Brown & R.T.Fieldhouse

The Thornaby School Board Elections                                             R.W.McManus

BULLETIN  No. 16       Spring  1972

Some Documentary Sources for the History of Housing: Building Contracts

and Leases                                                                                          B.J.D.Harrison

Thirsk & Sowerby Population Growth & Immigration 1546-1851  Thirsk Tutorial Class

The Records of a Manor:  The Population of Stainton by Downhome

in the Middle of the 17th Century                                                       M.Y.Ashcroft

BULLETIN  No. 17       Summer 1972

The Vigilant Herald                                                                             W.D.Brelstaff

Mining Failure in Cleveland  No. 3: The Kildale Mines (cont)          J.S.Owen

An Old House at Marske-by-the Sea: 162  High Street                  R.W.Machin

BULLETIN  No. 18       Autumn  1972

Angles in Northumbria  No. 1:  History and Place-names              W.Pearson

The Population of Stainton (by Downholme) in the Middle of the 17th Century:

A Comment                                                                                          R.T.Fieldhouse

The Meynell Family of Yarm 1770-1813:  A Further Study             D.A. & L.T.Heppell

Mining Failure in Cleveland No. 3: The Kildale Mines (conc)          J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 19       Winter  1972-3

The Origins of the East Cleveland and Rosedale Ironstone Miners

from the  1871 Census                                                                       B.J.D.Harrison

Mining Failure in Cleveland No. 3: The Kildale Mines: Add. J.S.Owen

Angles in Northumbria  No. 2: History and Place-names               W.Pearson

BULLETIN  No. 20       Spring        1973

Quakers in Richmond and Swaledale                                              D.S.Hall     

Weights,  Measures and Taxes in the Coal Trade                          D.W.Pattenden

The Angel Room or Stockton’s Georgian Tavern?                          M.Nattrass

BULLETIN  No. 21       Summer  1973

Recollections of a Farm Worker                                                        A.Tweedy

Mining Failure in Cleveland  No. 4:  The Roxby Estate                   J.S.Owen

Topcliffe Toll Booth                                                                             E.R.Jackson

The Glebe Terriers of a Moorland Village:  Levisham           M.C.Holyoak

BULLETIN  No. 22       Autumn  1973

Main Roads in Middlesbrough  1830-1870                                      B.J.D.Harrison

Angles in Northumbria  No. 2:  History and Place-names              W.Pearson

Mining Failure in Cleveland No. 4: The Roxby Estate (conc)          J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 23       Winter 1973-4

Filth on Teesside in the Nineteenth Century                                    R.Humphreys

‘Somebody Should Have Seen to This’                                            N.Moorsom

BULLETIN No.24         Spring 1974

Angles in Northumbria No. 4a: History and Place-names ham and worth    W.Pearson

Spending Leisure Time in Teesside During the Mid-19th Century  R.Humphreys

Mining Failiure in Cleveland No. 5: The Tocketts Mine                   J.S.Owen

BULLETIN  No. 25       Summer  1974

The Great Strike in the Cleveland Iron Industry                     J.Cockroft

Norton on Tees in 1851                                                                      R.Humphreys

The Ruthergate in Guisborough                                                        A.W.Armstrong

BULLETIN  No. 26       Autumn  1974

The Tidal Tees:  Riverside Place-names                                         W.Pearson

Sir Arthur Dorman and Sir Hugh Bell                                                W.G.Willis

A Nineteenth Century Steam Engine Works at Stockton-on-Tees: Part 1  D.M.Tomlin

BULLETIN  No. 27       Winter  1974-5

A Nineteenth Century Steam Engine Works at Stockton-on-Tees: Part 2  G.B.Butler

Public Health in Redcar                                                                      J.Cockroft

Some Freehold Farms,  and the Manor of Danby                           M.Nattrass

The Tidal Tees: Riverside Place-names – Some Comments          D.W.Pattenden

BULLETIN  No. 28       Spring  1975

Early Days at the Rosedale Mines                                                    J.S.Owen

Angles in Northumbria  No. 4b:  History and Place-names           W.Pearson

Spring Street, Middlesbrough                                                  R.Perry

BULLETIN  No. 29       Summer  1975

Lady Bell’s Survey of Edwardian Middlesbrough                            J.W.Leonard

Journal Book Appertaining to Robert Richmond of Peirseburgh  P.Barton

The Tidal Tees:  Riverside Place-names – Further Notes               W.Pearson

BULLETIN  No. 30       Winter  1975-6

Middlesbrough:  A New Victorian Boom Town in 1840-41             R.P.Hastings

‘Storm Clouds Instead of a Political Sunset’                                     T.F.Sowler

Housing and Living Standards in Cleveland & Teesside 1680-1720   B.J.D.Harrison

The Birth and Early History of a Middlesbrough Ironworks:

The Ormesby Ironworks of Cochrane and Co.                                F.Jewitt

BULLETIN  No. 31       Summer  1976

Angles in Northumbria  No. 4c:  History & Place-names                W.Pearson

The Royal Mail in North Yorkshire and South Durham

Part 1: Development up to 1800 A.D.                                                D.W.Pattenden

John Walker (1789-1851) of Stockton-on-Tees:

The Man Who Invented Friction Matches                                         D.Thomas

Welsh Immigration into Middlesbrough in the Mid-19th Century  T.Gwynne & M.Sill

Floating Hospitals on the Tees                                                          G.Stout

BULLETIN  No. 32       Winter  1976-7

John Kendrew and Company, Flaxspinners 1787-1794                B.Barber

Plans of Pre-Industrial Middlesbrough/Acklam                                P.K.Mitchell

The Jenny Mills Island Affair                                                              T.F.Sowler

Billingham Before and After Enclosure                                             D.W.Pattenden

BULLETIN  No. 33       Summer  1977

Angles in Northumbria  No. 5:  History and Place-names              W.Pearson

Thomas Sheraton  1751-1806                                                           T.F.Sowler

John Walker Ord & Dr. Robert Knox: A Strange Friendship G.Stout

A Review of Industrial Housing in East Cleveland

and Middlesbrough  c.1850 to 1900                                                  S.K.Chapman     

A Collection of Maps and Plans in the Archives Dept of Cleveland County Libraries     I.Curr

BULLETIN  No. 34       Spring  1978

Earl Siward of Northumbria:  History and Folklore                          F.Mann

The Liberal Opposition to Henry Bolckow During the Middlesbrough

General Election of 1868                                                                    D.Hadfield

Middlesbrough’s First M.P.                                                                 J.W.Leonard

Excavation of a Small Bronze Age Barrow on Eston Hills              R.Goddard, D.Brown & D.Spratt

Some Notes on the Early Shipping Registers for Stockton and Middlesbrough     J.C.Turnbull

Dr John Turton & the Newton Mulgrave Estate 1779-1807           R.M.Turton

BULLETIN  No. 35       Autumn  1978

Society and Land in a South Durham Township: Egglescliffe  1560-1700   B.J.D.Harrison

The Scottowe Family of Ayton                                                           C.E.Thornton

The Buildings of Midd;lesbrough: Some Examples of Workers’ Terraced Houses

Built by Henry and David Almgill 1867-1906                                    C.McNab

The Archives of the South Stockton Local Board & Thornaby Borough Council  S.Comont

BULLETIN  No. 36       Spring  1979

The Log-Books of the Hutton Rudby & East Rounton Schools, 1877-1901

                                                                                                              D.A. & L.T.Heppell

Nineteenth Century Glassworks: The Tees Bottle Company            D.M.Tomlin

The Royal Mail in North Yorkshire and South Durham

Part 2: Cleveland                                                                                 D.W.Pattenden

BULLETIN  No. 37       Autumn  1979

Political Undercurrents in M’bro in the 1860’s and 1870’s              D.Hadfield

The Royal Mail in N.Yorkshire and S.Durham Part 3: the Dales: D.W.Pattenden

Private Law Enforcement Organisations in the North Riding of Yorkshire

in the First Half of the 19th Century                                        R.P.Hastings

BULLETIN  No. 38       Spring  1980

Reactions to Cholera:  Public and Private                                        J.W.Leonard

Albert Park:  A Place for the Recreation of the People                   S.Metcalf

The Unitarian Church in Middlesbrough: The Early Years: 1833-1873  L.J.Lamballe

The Beloved Physician                                                                       G.Stout      

BULLETIN  No. 39       Autumn  1980

Evidence for Viking Expansion in the North:  800-1000                 F.Mann

Croft-on-Tees During the Later Middle Ages                                   A.J.Pollard

The Weaknesses of Unitarianism and Liberal Culture

in Early 19th Century Stockton-on-Tees                                          J.Seed

BULLETIN  No. 40       Spring  1981

Selected Northumbrian Place-names:1 Durham & Auckland           W.Pearson

The Lyke Wake Dirge and Guisborough  Part  1                             A.A.Dent

A Post-Medieval House at 32 High Street, Norton-on-Tees            R.Daniels

Horticulture in Mid-Nineteenth Century Middlesbrough                  D.W.Pattenden

Enteric Fever in the Tees Valley, 1890-91                                       G.Stout

BULLETIN  No. 41       Autumn  1981

The Lyke Wake Dirge and Guisborough   Part 2                             A.A.Dent

The Notorious Seymour                                                                     S.Metcalf

John Walker: Social & Pharmaceutical Facts From His Day-Book   D.Thomas

Pawnbroking                                                                                        E.Hush

Joseph Pease & the Owners of the Middlesbrough Estate            D.W.Pattenden





BULLETIN  No. 42       Spring  1982

The Case of the Jamaican Banana: Or How to Be a Successful Grocer in 19th Century M’bro    D.Taylor

Stainsby Deserted Medieval Village,  Cleveland                             H.Wade & R.White

The 1832 Parliamentary Election for the Southern Division

of the County of Durham                                                                    L.H.Campey

Selected Northumbrian Place-names: 2. Hartness, Hart  and Hartlepool  W.Pearson

North East Man Shocks London and Gets Law Changed!             G.Richmond

BULLETIN  No. 43       Autumn  1982

Middlesbrough and the National Coal Strike of 1912                      J.J.Turner

The Middlesbrough Industrial School For Boys                               D.H.Thomas

The Last Wolves in Yorkshire:  And in England?                             A.Dent

The Notorious Seymour:  A Postscript                                              S.Metcalf

A Study of Medieval Settlement Patterns Based on Durham Priory Villages    L.H.Campey

BULLETIN  No. 44       Spring  1983

Some Comments on the Linen Industry of Cleveland & Neighbourhood:

  1. Flax: The Raw Material D.W.Pattenden

Marske in 1841                                                                                    M.Williams

The Holiday Business:  Lodging Houses and Landladies in Two

Nineteenth Century Cleveland Resorts                                            M.Huggins

Fourteenth Century Inquisitions ‘Post Mortem’ for the Cleveland Area:

Part 1.  The Cleveland Plain                                                              B.J.D.Harrison

BULLETIN  No. 45       Autumn  1983

The Church That Never Was                                                             B.Jewitt      

A New Look at the Middlesbrough Farm and Hotel                         L.Bulman

Golden Age of Continuing Education in Middlesbrough  1880-1910   J.W.Saunders

Some Comments on the Linen Industry of Cleveland and Neighbourhood:

  1. Manufacture                                                                                  D.W.Pattenden

Fourteenth Century Inquisitions ‘Post Mortem’ for the Cleveland Area:

Part 2.  East Cleveland                                                                       B.J.D.Harrison

BULLETIN  No. 46       Spring  1984

‘The Church that Once Was’:  Some Notes and a Speculation          P.K.Mitchell

Whorlton Estate in the 16th and 17th Centuries  M.H.Bell, C.B.Cook & J.Hartley  Fourteenth Century Inquisitions ‘Post Mortem’ for the Cleveland Area:

Part 3.  The North York Moors                                                           B.J.D.Harrison

The People’s Winter Garden, Middlesbrough                                  J.J.Turner


BULLETIN  No. 47       Autumn  1984

Admiral Thomas Chaloner of Guisborough  (1815-1884)          R.W.Darnton & G.Dixon

The Changing Face of Kildale:  A North Yorkshire Village             I.E.Ridley

Guisborough Hospital and the Pursgloves                                       D.O’Sullivan

Atheists and Republicans in Early Nineteenth Century Cleveland  M.S.Chase

Hope House, West Street, Yarm                                                       R.Daniels

BULLETIN  No. 48       Spring  1985

Cargo Fleet or Cleveland Port                                                           D.W.Pattenden

A Ledger Initialled ‘G P ‘                                                                      G.Stout

The Growth and Development of Friendly Societies in Cleveland

and Teesside c.1835-1914: A Preliminary Research Note            J.J.Turner

BULLETIN  No. 49       Autumn  1985

The Borough of Stockton in the Later Middle Ages                         B.J.D.Harrison

The Pottery That Began Middlesbrough                                           M.Williams

Loftus in 1881                                                                                      Loftus Local Studies

Dorman Long at the Crossroads                                                       E.M.Green

BULLETIN  No. 50       Spring  1986

An Interim Report on Recent Archaeological Work on Scarth Wood Moor   C.E.Batey

Monastic Farming in the Liberty of Whitby Strand                           G.S.Braddy

The Pennymans of Ormesby:  Facts and Fallacies                        D.W.Pattenden

John Brewster of Egglescliffe:  Rural Poverty and the Poor Law          B.Jewitt

Ignatius Bonomi:  An Architect in Cleveland                                     P.M.Meadows

Sunnyfield House                                                                                G.Dixon

Early Friendly Societies in North Yorkshire and South Durham            J.J.Turner

On Change, Grandeur and Design: The Early History of the Middlesbrough Exchange  E.M.Green

BULLETIN  No. 51       Autumn  1986

The Destruction of Medieval and Georgian Churches in and around Eskdale

during the 18th and 19th Centuries                                                   N.Vickers

The Northloftus Paine Booke:  16th Century By-laws of the Manor of Northloftus    J.Baker

A Note on the Ironworks of the Stockton Area                                 D.M.Tomlin

The Glory Years:  An Early North-East Football Club 1878-1887 M.Huggins

BULLETIN  No. 52       Spring  1987

Monastic Finances:  A Tale of Three Abbots                                   G.S.Braddy

Old Haggs of Bilsdale                                                                         D.J.Proudman

The Life and Times of James Stovin Pennyman:  Part 1                D.W.Pattenden

The Birth of the Blues: Preliminary Observations on the Early Middlesbrough

Police Force                                                                                         D.Taylor

BULLETIN  No. 53       Autumn  1987

Ormesby Hall:  The Old Wing                                                            L.F.Pearson

The Diary of Anne Weatherill                                                             G.Dixon     

Alice Schofield Coates:  Suffragette and Middlesbrough Councillor  S.Eddy

Women and Moral Panic in the First World War                              T.Daley

The Inter-War Development of Billingham                                       P.Howes

BULLETIN  No. 54       Spring 1988

The Napoleonic Beacon on Eston Nab                                            B.Vyner

The Formative Years of Middlesbrough Cricket Club                     R.Baker

The Muniments of Guisborough Priory: A Twelfth Century Fragment  J.Baker      

The Life and Times of James Stovin Pennyman  Part 2: 1853 to 1869    D.W.Pattenden

A Stockton-Built Tea Clipper                                                              P.Barton    

BULLETIN  No. 55       Autumn  1988

Medieval Village Plans for Billingham, Cowpen, Newton Bewley and Wolviston   L.H.Campey

Chartism and the ‘Prehistory’’of Middlesbrough Politics                 M.S.Chase

An Even Vision:  The Ideology of ‘At the Works’                              T.Donajgrodzki

BULLETIN  No. 56       Spring  1989

A Tile Works at Wethercote in Bilsdale                                             D.J.Proudman

A Timber-Framed Building at Yarm                     Cleveland Archaeology Section

Cricket on the North Bank of the River Tees                                   R.Baker

Progress and Light: Secularism and Radicalism on Teesside after 1848  K.Flett

At Work in the Boulby Ironstone Mine, Aged Fourteen                   H.Heslop

The Education of Primary School Children in West Hartlepool During

World War Two                                                                                  R.Wilson

BULLETIN  No. 57       Autumn  1989

Sir John de Faucomberge of Skelton Castle (1290-1349)             G.S.Braddy

‘A Close Intention to Bribery’:  The Pennyman,  Kingsley, Tothill Families and the Law in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries   M.Whyman

Shipbuilding at Yarm                                                                           P.Barton

Cycling Clubs of North Yorkshire and South Durham, 1876-1914  R.Goodall

BULLETIN  No. 58       Spring  1990

Ormesby: 1066-1601                                                                          D.W.Pattenden

The 17th and 18th Century Timber Industry of Ingleby Arncliffe  C.B.Cook

The Antipodean Arrest: Or How to be a Successful Policeman

in 19th Century Middlesbrough                                                         D.Taylor

‘A Hole Like That’: The Literary Representation of Cleveland            A.Croft

BULLETIN  No. 59       Autumn  1990

Stockton Manor and the Old Toft of the Hall                                    W.Pearson

Arboreta in Cleveland:  A Survey                                                      S.Robbins

The Commondale Works and Commondale Pottery                       J. & J.Cockerill

The Early History of Stockton Co-op                                                K.Flett

The End of Old Grangetown:  The Local Board Offices                 M.Smith

Changing Images of School and Society: Grangefield School, Stockton

1896-1990                                                                                           M.Jones

BULLETIN  No. 60       Spring  1991

‘For the rather purchasing me of grace and the sooner obtaining of heavenly rest for my soul’:  Medieval Chantries of East Cleveland    G.S.Braddy

‘In great ruyne & decaie’:  Middlesbrough Church in 1718’            P.M.Meadows

Ralph Jackson’s Cleveland Countryside                                         G.Dixon

BULLETIN No.60         Spring 1991 (continued)

‘This tremendous conflict now raging between capital and labour’: Workers’ Organisations on Teesside in the Mid-Victorian Period      M.S.Chase

The Tees Engine Works: Gilkes,  Wilson and their Successors 1844-1896    T.Pearce

Women and Trousers in 1930’s Middlesbrough: A Case Study

in the Importance of Local Research to Fashion History                K.Bill

CLEVELAND HISTORY   No. 61 Autumn  1991

St. Andrew’s Old Church, Upleatham                                               R.Annis

The Township and Parish of Ormesby,  1601-1801                       D.W.Pattenden

Inoculation in Eighteenth Century Cleveland                                   G.Stout

The ‘Register of Buildings Wherein Marriages May Be Solemnized’  L.J.Braddy

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 62  Spring  1992

Changing Customs:  The Limits of the Port of Stockton                 P.Barton

Middlesbrough Pottery,  1834-1887                                                  J.& J.Cockerill

Maternal Mismanagement or Environmental Factors?  The High Rates

of Infant Mortality in Middlesbrough  1890-1913                             K.Davies

A Letter Home                                                                                     J.Baker      

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 63      Autumn  1992

The Manor and Wapentake of Sadberge                                         D.W.Pattenden

The Old Hall in Bow Street, Guisborough                               G.Dixon

Early Flower Shows                                                                            S.Robbins

Captain Cook in Cleveland:  An Early Series of Drawings             P.Meadows

Freda Gray and the Evolution of the Erimus Training Centre          J.Dalton     

The Religious Census of 1851:  A Different Kind of Census          L.J.Braddy

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 64  Spring  1993

The Eighteenth Century Rectory of Kildale                                      N.Vickers

Company Financial Practices in 19th Century Cleveland              A.E.Rout

Shipbuilding at Stockton and Thornaby:  The Final Years              B.Bennison

Sir Hugh Gilzean Reid and the Daily Gazette                                  D.Harding

Building Plans in Cleveland County Archives                                  D.Tyrell

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 65 Spring 1994 for Autumn 1993

‘This Modern Wilderness’:  The Identity of Cleveland and the Lower Tees Valley    B.Vyner

‘All Maks and Manders’:  The Local History of the Lower Tees Valley in the Later Middle Ages  A.J.Pollard

Grosmont Co-operative Society: The First Fifty (or so) Years          D.Counsell

Britannia Test House                                                                          A.Wilby

Music Hall Posters:  Methodology                                                     T.Coxon    

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 66 Autumn 1994 for Spring  1994

Images of Gender in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cleveland:              L.Marron

Darlington Horticultural Society                                                         R.Hamilton

Cleveland Churches,  Restoration and Rebuilding 1730-1840  Part 1  P.Meadows

Lloyd’s List                                                                                           P.Barton

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 67 Autumn  1994

A History of Woodlands in Cleveland and North-East Yorkshire  D.Counsell

Cleveland Churches,  Restoration and Rebuilding 1730-1840  Part 2   P.Meadows

The Life and Times of James Stovin Pennyman   Part 3                D.W.Pattenden

Was There Plague at Stockton?                                                        G.Stout

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 68  Spring  1995

The Environmental History of Middlesbrough                                  A-K.Woebse

Upleatham Gardens                                                                           S.Robbins

Haverton Hill Infants’ School  1888-1926                                         K.Street

Women Awheel Around Cleveland:  Cycling Pioneers                   R.Goodall

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 69  Autumn  1995

The Teesside Irish in the Nineteenth Century                                  M.S.Chase

Political Cartoons and the 1900 General Election on Teesside          D.Harding

From Land Bridge to Tunnel:  8000 Years of Woodland History in England:

The Next Chapter                                                                                M.Pratt       

William and Roger Lee of Pinchinthorpe                                          G.Dixon




CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 70  Spring  1996

Muslim Migration to the North East of England During the Early 20th Century


The Last Wizard                                                                                  D.O’Sullivan

Emigration Mania                                                                      S.Robbins

The Ancient Charity of John Jackson of Lackenby                         G.Dixon

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 71  Autumn  1996

‘An Influence to the rising borough of the Tees’: James Maw, 1807-1875 M.Chase

Mammoth Trees of the Tees Valley                                        S.Robbins

How John Walker Helped Keep the Stockton and Darlington Railway

‘On the Rails’                                                                                       D.Thomas

Gas Works of Cleveland                                                                    D.M.Tomlin

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 72  Spring  1997

Middlesbrough Rural District Council                                               P.Stephenson

Stockton and the Whaling Trade                                                       P.Barton

Poverty, Nutrition  and the Public Health                                          S.McLaurin

The Life and Times of James Stovin Pennyman  Part 4:  1869 to 1881    D.W.Pattenden

Note on an Archaeological Watching Brief at the Middlesbrough Pottery Site,

Vulcan Street                                                                                       P.Rowe

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 73  Autumn  1997

Women’s Employment in East Cleveland  1918-1964                    M.Williamson

The Nature of Labour Representation in the Cleveland Division  A.Brockbank

Brickworks of South Bank, Eston, Normanby and Ormesby          D.M.Tomlin

A Review of Some Cleveland Place-names                                    A.K.Lamballe

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 74  Spring 1998

Some Effects of Medieval Industry on the Landscape of East Cleveland    C.B.Cook

The Pitfalls and Attractions of Place-Name Studies and the Mystery

of Downdinner Hill                                                                               A.Richmond

The Kingston University Local History Project: An Exercise in Community History  C.French & P.Tilley

Leading Lights From Stockton                                                           P.Barton

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 75  Summer 1999 for Autumn 1998

The Lee Family of Pinchinthorpe Hall                                               G.Dixon     

Cleveland Buildings Preservation Trust Ltd: Ivy House and Stable  R.S.Ramsdale

The Bishop of Durham’s Horse Ferry, Stockton c. 1469                J.L.Drury

The Life and Times of James Stovin Pennyman Part 5                  D.W.Pattenden

The Font at St. Oswald’s Church, West Rounton                            A.M.Alderson

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 76  Autumn 1999 for Spring 1999

Writing the History of St. Luke’s Hospital                                         M.Race      

Medical Officers of Health in Nineteenth Century Middlesbrough  G.Stout

Into Her Hands: Florence Bell, Women, Health and Community  P.Whaley

Dr. M’Gonigle and Public Health Films                                             S.McLaurin

The Black Death in Durham                                                               R.Britnell

Leprosy and Leper Hospitals in Late Medieval Guisborough and the North-East  P.H.Cullum

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 77  Winter 1999

Hazards of Work in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries          C.B.Cook

Oral Testimony and Medical History: Interviewing Health Professionals  S.McLaurin

The Role of Cholmley Turner of Kirkleatham in Yorkshire County Elections

in the Early Eighteenth Century                                                         R.Hall

Saltburn Gardens: The Early Years                                                  S.Robbins

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 78  Summer 2000

Consetts, Jacksons and Others: A Selective Chronicle of Normanby 1715-1930    I.J.Crow

Susanna Ward Jackson and the Evangelical Movement in the Church of England   S.McLaurin

Three Eminent Middlesbrough Women                                            G.Stout

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 79  Winter 2000

World Travel in the 1860’s                                                                 G.Dixon

18th Century Horse Racing in Cleveland                                         M.Whyman

The Rolling Stones                                                                              L.Bulman

A Flawed Curate                                                                                 G.Stout

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 80  Spring 2001

Voluntary Hospital Finance in North-East England: The Case of North Ormesby Hospital, Middlesbrough 1900-1947    B.Doyle & R.Nixon

Amos Hinton: ‘Fifty Years Hard in a Corner 0f Yorkshire’              C.B.Cook (ed.)

Urban Development in Three Northern Towns: Kingston-Upon-Hull,

Pontefract and Guisborough, 1100-1350                                         A.Wilby

Technology and Local History; the Shape of Things To Come.          D.Harding

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 81  Winter 2001

The Early History of the Port of Hartlepool  Part 1                           P.L.Hogg

John Walker Ord: The History and Antiquities of Cleveland: A Retrospect   B.Jewitt

Giant Redwoods in North Yorkshire: Victorian Arboriculture Revisited   S.Robbins

‘And the days are dark and dreary’: Wartime Memories of Stockton   B.G.Bucknall

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 82  Spring 2002

The Early History of the Port of Hartlepool  Part 2                           P.L.Hogg

Convict Ships of Stockton                                                                  P.Barton

Poole Hospital: A ‘Noble Gift’ that helped to defeat the ‘White Scourge’  M.Race

Conservatives and Organised Labour: The Stockton Unionist Labour

Advisory Committee 1925-26                                                  J.Harland

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 83  Autumn 2002

The Early History of the Port of Hartlepool   Part 3                          P.L.Hogg

Medieval Estate Records From Stockton                                         L.Drury

An Insight into the Churches’ Contribution to Education in Eston,

Normanby, South Bank and Grangetown                               J.Mack

The Spelling of Peirseburgh                                                              P.Barton

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 84  Spring 2003

Port Darlington 1830-1878: A Long Forgotten Linthorpe Address Part 1


‘Forty Years in a Moorland Parish’ Revisited: Canon Atkinson’s

Reminiscences and Researches in Danby in Cleveland               D.Tyerman

William Haig Parry (1883-1968): An Important Teesside Photographer    A.R.Cook

Stockton-Built East Indiamen                                                             P.Barton

The Leeds University Centre, Middlesbrough 1958-2003              D.W.Pattenden

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 85  Winter 2003

Port Darlington 1830-1878: A Long Forgotten Linthorpe Address Part 2   P.Stephenson

William Haig Parry (1883-1968) Part 2: Some Examples of His Work            A.R.Cook

A North Riding Childhood                                                                   N.Raisbeck

The Old Parish Church and the Farmhouse: A Middlesbrough Mystery  B.Jewitt

Evangelism, Endowment and Authority: All Saints’ Middlesbrough.

A History of the Church and its Parish (Review Article)                  G.Drewery

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 86  Spring 2004

Estate Records of Medieval Stockton: The Coroner of Stockton Ward          L.Drury

The Faceby Saints: The Mormon Exodus of 1855                          A.Barrigan

The Reverend John Hawell M.A., F.G.S.                                          C.Auffret

Market Gardening in the Tees Valley                                                S.Robbins

Some Brief Biographical Notes About Members of the Dorman Family         I.Stubbs

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 87  Winter 2004

Deira, Bernicia and the Synod of Whitby                                          G.S.Braddy

Gaelic Place-Names in North-East England      Part 1                    W.Pearson

The Early Leather Trade in the Whorlton (Swainby) Area              C.B.Cook

The Great Bell of Westminster                                                           S.Robbins

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 88  Spring 2005

The Queen Charlotte: A Stockton Built Vessel Remembered for All Time P.Barton

Gaelic Place-Names in North-East England Part 2                         W.Pearson

The Cook and Some Neighbours                                                      L.Bulman

Public Health in Stokesley Rural District 1899-1939

Based on the Medical Officer of Health’s Reports. Part 1              D.Tyerman

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 89  Winter 2005

The Stockton Volunteers and the French Invasion Threat 1798-1808          W.Stokes

Gaelic Place-Names in North East England  Part 3                        W.Pearson

Report on the Archaeological Building Recording of the Oxford Road Garage, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough    A.Jones

Public Health in Stokesley Rural District 1899-1939

Based on the Medical Officer of Health’s Reports. Part 2              D.Tyerman

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 90  Spring 2006

Blumer’s Bus Service                                                                         J.D.Watson

Medieval Hartlepool to 1300: The Town and its Charter                 R.Daniels

Victorian and Edwardian Villas of West Hartlepool                         P.L.Hogg

Before the Storm: Pages from a West Hartlepool Diary                 L.J.Braddy

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 91  Winter 2006

Henry Bolckow and his Collections                                                   I.Stubbs

Where was the Northern Boundary of the Danelaw?                     G.S.Braddy

Records of the Bailiff of Stockton Manor or Castle                         L.Drury

Ralph Ward Jackson (1806-1880) Public Benefactor

or Fraudulent Businessman?                                                             W.Stokes

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 92  Spring 2007

Leeds in Linthorpe                                                                              M.Chase

The Font at St. Oswald’s Church, West Rounton, North Yorkshire  J.Walker

The Yorkshire Escheats of William Nesfield                                    G.S.Braddy

The Value and Significance of Some Cleveland Wills In Local History  C.B.Cook

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 93  Winter 2007

A Pre-Conquest Stone at St. Thomas’ Church, Stockton               P.F.Ryder

Scenes in 18th Century Cleveland Drawn by George Cuit (1743-1818)        C.Thornton

Old Ridge and Furrow: “Wharve” and “Gee” & the “Reverse S” Medieval Plough Strips: A Ploughman’s Comments    F.J.Banks

The Heugh Lighthouse, Hartlepool  part 1                                       P.L.Hogg

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 94  Spring 2008

Yearby’s Lost Windmill                                                                       R.S.Ramsdale

Radicalism in Stokesley in the 1820s                                               A.Barrigan

The Heugh Lighthouse, Hartlepool part 2                              P.L.Hogg

North Ormesby Gas Works                                                               D.M.Tomlin

CLEVELAND HISTORY No. 95  Autumn 2008

Cleveland and Teesside Local History Society: The Early Years  B.J.D.Harrison

Freebrough Hill: Form and Function                                                 M.Brookes

The Conqueror in the North Riding                                                   G.S.Braddy

Stockton Burgh Accounts                                                                   L.Drury

Perseverando – But For How Long? How the Teesside Shareholders

Lost Control of the Clarence Railway                                               W.Stokes

The Hartlepool Bombardment: Recollections of Otto Leopold Trechmann  W.Pearson

The Chartist Penny Almanack                                                           M.S.Chase

Albert de Lande Long                                                                         I.Stubbs

The Victorian Christmas on Teesside                                               R.Hamilton

The Basque Refugee Children at Hutton Hall, Guisborough 1937-1939    M.Whyman

Reading Middlesbrough: 19th Century Reading, Reading Rooms and Libraries     L.Polley

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 96  Spring 2009

The “New Agewe” in Guisborough and Cleveland 1557-59 B.Harrison & J.Quarmby

Middlesbrough to Redcar Railway                                                    D.M.Tomlin

The Iron-Stone Mining Community of Charltons                              P.Wetherell

The Storm Breaks: More Pages from a W. Hartlepool Diary          L.J.Braddy

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 97  Autumn 2009

Henry I’s ‘New Men’ in North East Yorkshire Part 1: Justices and Sheriffs      G.S.Braddy

Cleveland Asylum Chapel                                                                  V.Harrison

Under Bombardment: More Pages From a West Hartlepool Diary  L.J.Braddy

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 98  Spring 2010

Henry I’s ‘New Men’ in North East Yorkshire Part 2: ‘Principal Men’ G.S.Braddy

The Enigmatic Mr. Harrison                                                               G.Moore

Middlesbrough’s Steel Magnates and the Guild of Help                 T.Warwick

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 99  Autumn 2010

A Forgotten Ferry                                                                                L.J.Braddy

Yarm Bridge and the Medieval Road System in Northern Yorkshire  B.J.D.Harrison

Proposed Lifting Bridge Over the Tees At Middlesbrough             A.Wilby

The Politics of Bridge Building: The Long Wait For The Tees (Newport) Bridge        T.Warwick

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge: A Few Historical Contexts          L.Polley

CLEVELAND HISTORY  No. 100  Spring 2011

One Hundred Bulletins                                                                       G.S.Braddy

Lords and Peasants in Medieval Cleveland                                     B.J.D.Harrison

Assault in Mid 1850s M’bro: No Respecter of Persons                  N.Moorsom

Some Reminiscences of Transport in Cleveland Nearly 50 Years Ago        D.W.Pattenden

The Families Behind the Worm Tales: The Conyers & the Lambtons 1350-1650    A.T.Brown

The Phoenix Park Murders, Dublin 1882: The Middlesbrough Connection   J.Willis

Fred Kidd & Son, Engineers Ltd., of Stockton on Tees                   A.Betteney

Shopocracy in Linthorpe                                                                    K.Grove-Stephensen


Childhood in an Ironstone Mining Community    P. Wetherell

The Clepham Family & the Unitarian Society of Stockton on Tees    W. Stokes

Cinema & Censorship in the Interwar Years: Local & National Control        J. Harland

Elizabeth – Working for the Dormans      V. Bain-Myers

Book Reviews

A Quiet Catastrophe by Franklin Medhurst        K. Grove-Stephenson


Medieval Markets of the Tees Valley      R. Daniels

The Middlesbrough Guardians and the Export of Pauper Children to Canada 1884-1922    J. Willis

William Gray (Sir William Gray J.P. D.L.) 1823-1898    P.L. Hogg

‘In a country village we must be a little lenient’ Historical Investigation into Ingleby Greenhow C of E School’s Log Book 1871-1894       R. Marsay

Book Reviews

New Lamps for Old – Redcar & Cleveland College -A Hidden History 1709-2009 by Peter Chester       B G Bucknall

The Rise of a Victorian Ironopolis: M’bro & Regional Industrialization by Minoru Yasumoto     G.S. Braddy


Allegiance and Alliance in the 12th Century North East          G.S. Braddy

Acklam’s Third Effigy         B&M Gittos

The Bishop of Durham’s Staithe at Stockton 1515       L.J. Drury

A Child’s Christmas at Charltons in the 1920s   P. Wetherell

The British Steel Collection          V. Harrison & J. Heggie

Book Reviews

Hartlepool Through Time by Paul Chrystal and Simon Crossley       A. Whitecross


A Life of Public Service: The Career of Benjamin Owen Davies 1866-1958           C. Stevens

A Sport for the ‘Yankee-like enterprise and energy of Ironopolis’: Baseball in late nineteenth century Middlesbrough    C. Budd

Matthew Wadeson of Stockton-on-Tees 1749-1833: Lead and Shipping Agent          B. Turner


Merchants, Mariners and Yeomen. What does the Hearth Tax tell us about early modern Stockton-on-Tees? J.K.Little

A Small World? Some Aspects of the Local Legal Profession           A. Barrigan

Mosaic Floor Tiles from Gisborough Priory –  Their similarities with tiles from Rievaulx, Byland Abbey and Old Byland Church, Yorkshire   S. Hamilton


St. Hild, Heritage and Legacy       M.P. Brown

Skelton Castle in the Late Sixteenth Century               B.J.D. Harrison

The Career of Dr. Richard Hildyard, Vicar of Norton-on-Tees 1538-1539    J.L. Marlow

Thomas Milner of Skutterskelfe: The Life and Times of a Tudor Gentleman           A. Barrigan


Sir William Crosthwaite and Power on Teesside pt. 1  C. Stevens

Rev. William Joseph Finn C.F. (1875-1915)      I. Stubbs

Ramsgate, Stockton-on-Tees       A. Betteney

The North Shore Pottery, Stockton-on-Tees      J. Cockerill

Book Reviews

Hartlepool: An Archaeology of the Medieval Town by Robin Daniels           G.S. Braddy


William Wilson         I. Lawrence

Sir William Crosthwaite pt. 2        C. Stevens

Mollie Barratt’s Diary         P. Inder


Sir William Crosthwaite pt. 3        C. Stevens

The Clarence Potteries, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees      J. Cockerill

Seaham Harbour, Co. Durham, William Ginger, Inspector of Works 1901   B. Turner

VC and Valentine’s Day     H. Smith


Robert Chaloner, Guisborough and the Political Crisis of 1820: ‘A little above the mud, but not out of the smoke’          M. Chase

Joseph Ritson and the Stockton Jubilee           J.K. Little

Asa Briggs’ Middlesbrough: Inspiring Exploration of the Victorian ‘boom town’           T. Warwick


The Eight Streets of Grangetown: immigration, assimilation and dissemination          P.McCarthy

Denmark Street Schools, Middlesbrough                    P. Inder

The Blore family of Middlesbrough and the Winged Wheel Grave of Llandudno           R.N. Bloor

Self Help in Yarm Through Membership of Friendly Societies: 1764-1834   D Summerell

Acklam Hall – Edifice as Legacy. Daniel Robinson
The Collector – TH Nelson JP, MSc, MBOU. Ken Sedman
Arms and Armour from the Village of Kirkleatham, North Riding of Yorkshire. Phil Philo
Earthenware made in Belgium. John Cockerill
50th Anniversary Special – all articles by BJD Harrison with introductions by Geoff Braddy
Introduction by Malcolm Chase, University of Leeds.
The Farndale Ironstone Mine 1873-1897.
Some Evidence of Tudor Enclosure and Depopulation in Cleveland and South Durham.
The Lost Borough of Skelton-in-Cleveland.
Main Roads in Middlesbrough 1830-1870.
Housing and Living Standards in Cleveland and Tees-side 1680-1720.
Society and Land in a South Durham Township – Egglescliffe 1560 – 1700.
Chairmen’s Choices
All articles previously published in Cleveland History but chosen for reprint in the Society’s 50th anniversary year.
Chosen by Barry Harrison
The Moor Coal of North Yorkshire: the Danby Area. John S Owen
Chosen by Carol Cook
Some Comments on the Linen Industry of Cleveland and Neighbourhood.
Part two – Manufacture. DW Pattenden
Chosen by Geoff Braddy
‘All Maks & Manders’: The Local History of the Lower Tees Valley in the Later Middle Ages. Tony Pollard
Editors’ Choices
All articles previously published in Cleveland History but chosen for reprint in the Society’s 50th anniversary year.
Chosen by David Tyrell
Plans of Pre-Industrial Middlesbrough/Acklam. Peter K Mitchell
Chosen by Malcolm Chase
Alice Schofield Coates: Suffragette and Middlesbrough Councillor . Sarah Eddy
Chosen by Val Harrison
Childhood in an Ironstone Mining Community. Pat Wetherell
Difficult Territory? The 1928 Middlesbrough West by Election. Lewis Young
Stockton-on-Tees in Hard Times: Harold MacMillan and the Stockton Social Services Centre. John Little
Entertainment and Leisure in Redcar 1860-1960. Stephanie Green
Officers’ choices
All articles previously published in Cleveland History but chosen for reprint in the Society’s 50th anniversary year.
Chosen by Ian Campbell
Yarm Bridge Barry Harrison
Chosen by Julie Tweedy
The Basque Refugee Children and Hutton Hall, Guisborough 1937 – 1939 Mark Whyman
Chosen by Allan Wilby
The Faceby Saints Alice Barrigan
Battling the Elements – the working life of an alum sloop in the early 19th Century. Peter Appleton
Social change in an upland parish in North Yorkshire: correlation of the pattern of Marriage Banns with the history of Kildare 1826-2017. MA Heading
The Linen Mills of Stokesley & Hutton Rudby 1823-1908.
Part One – Stokesley 1823-1834: the flax spinning mill behind the High Street.
Part Two – Stokesley 1832 – 1841: the New Mill on Levenside. Alice Barrigan
Book Review – Geoff Braddy
Interpreting Medieval Effigies: The Evidence from Yorkshire to 1400 by Brian and Moira Gittos (2019)
Middlesbrough 900 years ago. Geoff Braddy
The Neo Gothic Revival and Tractarianism.
The impact on village structure on the construction of two Parish Churches in North Yorkshire: a case study. Anne Heading
The Hustlers and the Development of Middlesbrough. Charles McNab
The Linen Mills of Stokesley and Hutton Rudby: 1823-1908 (part 3). Alice Barrigan
Middlesbrough’s Name. Geoff Braddy
Changes in the pattern of marriage: factors that led to population changes in Bilsdale, a small rural community in North Yorkshire 1880-2017. Anne Heading
The Linen Mills of Stokesley & Hutton Rudby: 1823-1908, parts 4 & 5
Hutton Rudby: the Cleveland Sailcloth Mill 1859-1908, and
Hutton Rudby 1876 to 1877: the Albion Sailcloth Mill. Alice Barrigan
The Hustlers of Acklam and the Development of Middlesbrough: some comments. Peter Appleton
Malcolm Chase. Geoff Braddy
Dedicated to the memory of Paul Stephenson – all articles written by Paul Stephenson and are previously unpublished.
Paul Stephenson 1944-2021. Geoff Braddy
‘Amid the joyful winding of horns.’ Travel in the Stockton and Darlington area before the Railway era.
From Pit top to the Slems.
Middlesbrough’s Town Halls.
Thomas Peirse II of Peirseburgh. Peter Barton
The Cleveland Book-Hawking Society. Linda Polley
Langbaurgh Wapentake and Domesday Book. David Heading
A Mortuary Type Sword in the Dorman Museum. Phil Philo
The Career of Sir Cuthbert Sharp: putting the record straight. Chris Stevens
Sir William Hustler: Patronage and the rise of the new gentry in the Restoration era.  Daniel Cochran
Life Down the Marsh. Pauline Inder
Memories of the Marsh. Pauline Inder
History of Pollution in the Tees: from Victorian times to the 1980s. Tony Griffin
The Battle of Piercebridge. Phil Philo
Refelections on acquiring, preserving and developing the Teesworks Collection at Teesside Archives. Lara Moon and Grace Redpath
Nineteenth century public houses in Stockton-on-Tees. Alan Betteney
Mourning in Eston: 1877. Alice Barrigan
Book review: Martin Roberts, Buildings of England: Durham (2021). Geoff Braddy