Born: William Henry Short was born on 4th February 1884 in Eston. His parents were James Short and Annie Stephenson. He had two brothers and a sister. He was often known by the nickname “Twig” Short.


Educated: He attended the local school in Eston.


Married: William Short never married.




Home: From 1900 “Twig” Short lived in Grangetown. He worked at Bolckow and Vaughan’s Eston Steelworks and played football for Grangetown Albion.


Known for: In the First World War William Short joined the Green Howards and was sent to France with the Yorkshire Regiment as a private in the 8th Battalion. During the Battle of the Somme, he was badly wounded, but continued to attack the enemy line. After his leg had been shattered by a shell he was taken back to the trenches. In spite of his injuries, he continued to adjust detonators for his comrades until he died in the trench. For his exceptional bravery “Twig” Short was awarded the Victoria Cross.


Died: William Short died on 6th August 1916. He was buried in the cemetery at Contalmaison in France, close to where he was killed.


Further Information:  Dictionary of National Biography:  “The Somme 1916” E.Skelding (2016)