Born: Thomas Rudd was born in 1640. His father was John Rudd of Sandforth in Westmorland.




Married: Before 1667 Thomas Rudd married Alice Watson, daughter of Thomas Watson of Stockton on Tees.


Family: The eldest son of Thomas and Alice was Thomas Rudd who became librarian to the Dean and Chapter of Durham Cathedral.


Home: Thomas Rudd lived in Stockton vicarage for 50 years. He spent his last years at Long Newton.


Known for: Thomas Rudd became curate of Stockton on 1st May 1663, when Stockton was a chapelry in the parish of Norton.  He was also licenced as a schoolmaster in the town. In 1689, Rev. Thomas Davison, vicar of Norton, refused to take the oath of allegiance to William and Mary and was deprived of his living. Thomas Rudd became vicar of Norton from 1691 to 1705, but remained as curate of Stockton during those years. He supported Rev. Davison by making over the profits of Stockton vicarage to him. Rev. Rudd believed that it was wrong for someone to lose their living on account of his conscience. He became concerned that the old chapel of Stockton was too small for the growing town and encouraged donations towards the building of the present church of St. Thomas, which was consecrated in 1712.


Died: Thomas Rudd died on 15th July 1719 and was buried in St. Mary’s Church, Long Newton.


Further Information:  “The Parochial History and Antiquities of Stockton-upon-Tees” John Brewster (1829)