Born: Thomas Casebourne was born in 1797 at Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. His parents were Adam Casebourne and Sarah (Townsend?).

Educated: He became an assistant to Thomas Telford, the canal builder, who taught him engineering.

Married: In 1820 Thomas Casebourne married Catherine Rose, daughter of Joseph and Maria Rose from Lincolnshire. Their children were Catherine, Harriet, Anne, Ellen, Fanny, Thomas, Henry, Charles, Isabella, Maria and George.

Family: His son Charles Townsend Casebourne (1836-1897) began a cement works at West Hartlepool in 1863 and later operated the saltworks of the West Hartlepool Salt and Brine Company near Greatham. 

Home: As a young man, Thomas was employed by Thomas Telford on projects in Lincolnshire, and elsewhere. In the 1820s he lived with his family firstly in King’s Lynn and later in Southwark. From 1833 to 1845 they lived in Ireland where Thomas was in charge of the construction of the Ulster Canal that had been designed by his employer, Thomas Telford. In 1845 Thomas Casebourne moved to West Hartlepool to work at the new harbour and docks there.

Known for: Thomas Casebourne was an Associate of the Institution of Engineers. He became Resident Engineer of the West Hartlepool Harbour and Docks from 1845. He took charge of the breakwaters that were being constructed to protect the new docks. It is thought that he designed the cast iron beacon at the end of the north breakwater.  From 1854 until his death he served as one of the West Hartlepool Improvement Commissioners. He was vice-president of the Mechanics Institute and among other things; he is remembered for presenting the font to Christ Church, West Hartlepool.

Died: Thomas Casebourne died on 2nd January 1864.

Further Information:  “Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers” volume 24 (1864-65)