Born:  John Hale was born in London in 1728. His parents were Sir Bernard Hale of King’s Walden in Hertfordshire and Anne Thoresby. John had three older brothers and four sisters.

Educated: He would have received the education befitting of a young gentleman, but became a soldier at the age of 14, rather than pursuing his education.

Married:  In 1763John Hale married Mary Chaloner, daughter of William and Mary Chaloner of Guisborough Hall.

Family:  John and Mary Hale had 21 children, of whom 19 lived well into adult life.

Home:  John and Mary Hale’s family home was Plantation House at Tocketts near Guisborough.

Known for:  John Hale joined the 47th Regiment of Foot in 1742. He fought at the Battle of Prestonpans. In 1758 he was made Lieutenant Colonel of the 47th Foot. He commanded them at the Siege of Louisburg and at the Battle of Quebec where they formed the centre of the British position alongside General Wolfe’s 28th Regiment of Foot. As he lay dying, Wolfe chose Hale to carry his final dispatches back to England. John Hale was promoted to major general in 1772 and general in 1793. He served as Governor of Londonderry for 30 years, although this position did not require him to reside in Ireland.

Died:  General Hale died at his home near Guisborough in 1806.

Further Information:  “The 17/21st Lancers: 1759-1993″ R.L.V. ffrench Blake (1993)