Born: Hugh de Hertelpoll, sometimes referred to as Hugh of Hartlepool, was born in around 1245 at Hartlepool

Educated: He was educated at Oxford University, which implies some previous education as well. The fact that Hugh became a Franciscan Friar suggests that he may have received an education at the Friary in Hartlepool.

Married: Hugh never married.


Home:  Given his active role in theology in Oxford, it is likely that he spent part of his life there.

Known for: Hugh was a Franciscan Friar and a theologian. In 1282 he played a leading role in the grant of statutes to Balliol College in Oxford and for two years he was one of the two masters of the college. In about 1287 he was made Regent Master of the Franciscan school in Oxford, making him one of the leading Franciscan teachers in the country. In 1299 he became minister provincial of the Franciscan Order. King Edward I summoned Hugh to the parliament at Lincoln in 1301 and in the following year, the king appointed him as a negotiator for peace with Philippe IV of France at Rome. It was during this time in Italy that Hugh died. Some of the sermons that he preached can still be read today. 

Died: Hugh de Hertelpoll died on 11thSeptember 1302 in Assisi. He was buried in the Sacro Convento in Assisi.

Further Information:  Dictionary of National Biography