Born: Grace Sutton, nee Horsfall was the third daughter of William Horsfall of Storthes Hall, in the West Riding  of Yorkshire. She was born in 1757.

Educated:  As the daughter of a wealthy landowner it is likely that she was educated at home.

Married: Grace Horsfall married George Sutton of Stockton-on-Tees in 1780.



Known for: Grace Sutton was known for founding charities. She was particularly active in the town of Stockton. In 1803 she founded a School of Industry for girls in Castlegate, Stockton. This was a free school and the girls were provided with clothing. They were taught skills which might help them to enter various trades. With Ann Sleigh Grace Sutton founded a Female Benefit Society in Stockton.

Died: Grace Sutton died on 17th January 1814 and was buried in the family vault at Elton.

Further Information:“The History of Stockton-upon-Tees” John Brewster (1828).