Born: Edward Turnbull was born in 1820 in Newcastle.

Educated:  Turnbull’s long legal career suggests that he was well educated.

Married:  In his twenties, Edward Turnbull married Annie Young from Sunderland.

Family:  Edward and Annie had no children.

Home:  As a young man, Turnbull moved from Newcastle to Hartlepool. In the 1850s Edward and Annie were living in South Terrace, Hartlepool before moving to Church Street in West Hartlepool. In the 1870s and 80s they lived at Fountain Terrace on Raby Road.

Known for: In 1841Edward Turnbull established himself as a Notary Public in the High Street in Hartlepool. He later entered into partnership with Tobias Tilly in Church Street, West Hartlepool. Turnbull was solicitor to the West Hartlepool Shipping Company and a shareholder in that company. He was also Chairman of the West Hartlepool Improvement Commissioners for many years. Edward Turnbull was persistent in his efforts to obtain a Royal Charter of Incorporation for West Hartlepool. His first attempt in 1872 failed, but his second attempt was successful and the charter was granted in 1887. He was behind the move to make Seaton Carew part of West Hartlepool and was a pioneer of the movement to unite the two Hartlepools. He was Treasurer of the Hartlepool Ragged School and in 1849 he served as mayor of Hartlepool.

Died: Edward Turnbull died in July 1888.

Further Information: “Historical Notes and Personal Recollections of West Hartlepool and its Founder” Robert Martin (1924)