Born:  Brian London (real name Brian Harper) was born in Stranton, West Hartlepool on 19th June 1934. His parents were the boxer Jack London (real name John Harper) and his wife Agnes. Brian’s brother Jack also became a boxer.

Educated:  Brian Harper went to Stranton school in West Hartlepool.

Married:  He married his wife Veronica, under his real name. The surname London was purely his professional name.

Family:  Brian and Veronica had three children, Brian, Melanie and Jack.

Home:  Brian London moved to Blackpool in1950 and made it his permanent home.

Known for:  Brian London was a heavyweight boxer who won the British and Commonwealth Heavyweight titles from Joe Erskine in 1958. He lost the titles to Henry Cooper in 1959 and failed to regain them against Henry Cooper in 1964. In 1959, London fought the World Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson in Indianapolis and was knocked out in the 11th round. In 1966 Brian London challenged the great World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali at Earls Court in London. He was knocked out in the third round. In 1967 London defeated the highly ranked American boxer Zora Foley. He retired from boxing in 1970.


Further Information:

“Be Lucky! The Story of Brian London “The Blackpool Bulldog” Andrew Sumner (2008)