Born: Benjamin Flounders was born on 17th June 1768 in Crathorne. His family were Quakers.

Educated: In 1779 a Quaker boarding school, Ackworth School, was opened near Pontefract. Benjamin Flounders was educated there.

Married: In 1799 Benjamin Flounders married Mary Walker, a shipbuilder’s daughter. She died in 1801 during childbirth. In 1812 he married Hannah Chapman who died in the following year from tuberculosis.

Family:  By his first wife he had a daughter, Mary. By his second wife he had a son who died in infancy.

Home: The Flounders lived in Yarm.

Known for: Benjamin Flounders was at the meeting in Stockton Town Hall on 18th September 1810 where he seconded a proposal to “inquire into the practicability and advantage of a railway or canal from Stockton, by Darlington”. He was one of the foremost advocates of the Stockton and Darlington Railway and was one of the group of men who travelled to London to canvass M.P.s in support of the Railway Bill. On 12th May 1821 the first board of directors of the Stockton and Darlington Railway Company was appointed. Benjamin Flounders was one of the members. He was one of Yarm’s wealthiest, most influential and most generous citizens. In his will he left sizeable endowments for the National School in Yarm and for Yarm Grammar School as well as various bequests for the benefit of the poor of his hometown.

Died: Benjamin Flounders died on 19th April 1846 and was buried in Yarm churchyard.

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