Our Physical Heritage: Fifty interesting Local Buildings

A building is a piece of historical evidence.  It can certainly provide information about the time in which it was built: its site, size, decoration, materials, construction methods, and even its subsequent demolition, can all speak of changing social, economic and cultural priorities.

In recognition of this, and in keeping with the 50th anniversary of our founding, Cleveland and Teesside Local History Society will be presenting fifty local buildings that we find historically interesting and deem worthy of note.  They won’t necessarily be the most obvious or the most prestigious, hence the term ‘buildings’ rather than ‘architecture’.


To find out more, click on the links below:

Almshouses, Ormesby

Grey Towers, Nunthorpe

Maison de Danse, Yarm Lane, Stockton (demolished)

Middlesbrough High School

St Mary’s Parish Church, Norton